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School failure is considered when a student does not reach the level of academic performance expected for his/her age and grade. The reasons are many and depend on various factors. It is not a lack of intellectual capacity. Some intelligent children are not successful, while others with lower IQ get better grades. Some families hire private tutors. It is expensive, tiring and frustrating.

In preschool, learnings are much easier, but when a student is not progressing he or she might be facing a learning disorder (LD). This causes frustration, nervousness, and insecurity. They give up and it is time to do something.


  • Unchallenging classes can lead to attention issues and result in poor performance and falling grades. Bad grades aren’t always because your child doesn’t understand the materials. In some cases, when students aren’t challenged enough by the materials, it can actually lead to poor grades.
  • Too many distractions in a classroom can make attention difficult for some students. Lack of focus lead to missing important information that they will need to know in the future for upcoming tests or advanced concepts.
  • Test anxiety is something very common, no matter how smart students are. They may know the material, but the thought of a test causes an overwhelming feeling of stress that makes it difficult for them to perform as well as they could.
  • Ineffective study habits can be the reason for poor grades. Sometimes, students wait until the last minute to study and therefore don´t understand the material.
  • Lack of confidence. Perfectionist students always want to perform their best, putting pressure on themselves. When they are stressed, they may participate less in class and get lower grades.
  • Poor Organization skills can lead to increased frustration, higher levels of stress, and lower grades. Some children need help to get organized.
  • Lack of preparation. Achieving good grades takes time and effort. Students need time management skills to properly prepare for more difficult subjects and a bigger workload.
  • Learning difficulties can affect grades. Some students might have some kind of learning difficulty, whether in writing, reading, math, or another area. The students can need the evaluation of a specialist.