educacion inclusiva

“Inclusive Education” ensures equitable access to learning and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all students. This model is constantly evolving, and we believe that it is the best response for their needs. Since we are different, the educational system must adapt to the students and not the students to the system.
• If students feel welcome, their learning will be more effective.
• It is necessary for teachers to be constantly updated, in order to respond to the different needs of students.
• Books should contain topics of interest in which students can recognize themselves and feel represented.
• If learning is meaningful, students are less likely to drop out of school.
• People have different learning styles and paces, so, a flexible, creative and relevant curriculum is vital.
It is necessary to have an open mind to provide quality education that responds to students in constant evolution.
We implement and evaluate the contents, according to national and international standards, including adaptations when necessary.
All students have the right to receive quality education that respect diversity. We believe in INCLUSION. Removing barriers may seem complex.