colegio caminos 3 Creativity Happiness Fun Respect Since 1993, Colegio Caminos
has developed the best
educational model focused on comprehensively
preparing students for life
FOTO DE FONDO We fully prepare our students colegio caminos slide 3 1 We foster a school culture of respect and belonging

Colegio Caminos, educating for the XXI Century


We carry out preparatory courses for new students. We identify learning style based on the theory of multiple intelligences.
– Acceptance in Elementary and High School.
– Inclusion for students with different educational needs.


The fundamental purpose in this stage is learning and developing reading, reading comprehension, oral expression, writing, scientific thinking and technological skills; problem solving, logical mathematical reasoning, and comprehensive training in values and socio-emotional skills.


During this period, students develop linguistics abilities, mathematical logical reasoning, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and basic technology skills for successful information and communication. We provide ample elements for cultural, humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological development.

We encourage the spiritual formation of our students

Our history

Since 1993, Colegio Caminos began offering services in Spanish, teaching English as Foreign Language (EFL), using art and games as tools for teaching, where learning becomes an enjoyable and successful experience.

Historia Colegio Caminos

Why “Caminos”?

We are different, pioneers and innovators. We use methods and interventions that improve or transform the teaching and learning processes.

Creativity is our most important resource for students to expand their awareness and perception of the world around them, helping their learning. It is a permanent component in daily activities in the classrooms, because it allows students to grow in a rich and stimulating environment, fostering motivation, critical thinking, personal capacity and curiosity.

As pioneers and innovators, we are different. We seek and use methods of intervention that improve or transform the teaching and learning process.

  • Inclusive education
  • Individualized attention
  • Support to families in the transmission of faith
  • Small groups (12 students per classroom)
  • Art based curriculum
  • Meaningful learning
  • Life skills
  • Cooperative games
  • Summer camp
  • Passion for art, culture, reading and writing
  • Surrounded by nature

We are members of

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We thank VSAarts from the USA, for providing the curriculum “Star with the Arts” and for the valuable training that we use for successful inclusion.

Our facilities

Colegio Caminos has a safe, colorful, and welcoming environment, with ramps and accessibility to all users, surrounded by nature, with its own herbs garden, lots of trees and flowers, free from crowds and noise.

Among others, we carry out walks and art activities in the open.

Our 360º Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour with 360 panoramic photos around the school. Just click on the image and let yourself be carried away by the experience.

Colegio Caminos - Educación Inclusiva - Capacidades Especiales - Colegio Managua, Nicaragua

Our impact

We have gained the trust of the educational community by changing the paradigms and letting the students discover their potentials and strengths and set higher and higher goals for themselves.

Our alumni make us proud, being successful professionals in fields such as engineering, administration, design, medicine and sports among others, standing out the Paralympic gold medalist and speaker Gabriel Cuadra Holmann.




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